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Peace means to me…

Everyone getting on together.

An inner stillness which can't

be shaken by bad times.

Accepting others

The wealth of friendship

Loving each others differences

SHALOM - right relationships between people, respect and mutual care

Peace of Mind, Peace of Peace, Peace of Pieces…to share, peace of God, wish…Ho Ho Ho, Peace of Heaven & Earth

Peace and tranquility

All races and religions working and living together, for the good of humanity

Peace means…Heavenly, wonderful, surrounded by love, exciting plans, no pain, facing things you don’t like

Peace is love, no worries of tranquillity beyond your imagination, an embrace of all good people, no problems, joy and laughter all around, cherish every day, with joy and peace

Family & friends, sharing time with each other

Not having a guilty conscience, being able to join with anyone and any faith without arguing and fighting

PP (Prince of Peace), Our King, Our Lord, Our Friend

A time of               quiet relaxation and reflection. A time to do something you love by yourself

Contentment of


It means quiet, relaxing and a focussed time

Joy to the world, the Prince of Peace has been born. Open your eyes and your heart and let him into your lives

It means a question:
'Jesus this song you wrote, the words are sticking in my throat, PEACE on Earth, hear it every Christmas time, but hope and history won't rhyme, so what's it worth, this PEACE on earth?'
(quoted from 'Peace on Earth, lyric: Bono, music: U2,)

When you have your love inside you,

you have your love beside you

My peace is having God/Jesus in my life. Knowing He is there for me, where ever I am, whatever I'm doing